Friday, May 25, 2012

LeKuvod Yom Tov Shvios

I regret, didn’t have time and opportunity to prepare any special essay LeKuved Yom Tiv. But if someone really wants to read some interesting story, there is interview with Matys Weiser in this week Hamodia – Inyan magazine. You may learn some things about author of this blog and I hope have some Chizuk from it.
Not to leave reader without any thing, I realized that my essay titled “Shvuos – Yom Tov of gerim” was not so popular last year and I believe that the reason for it is that this blog was much less known last year than this year. I encourage my dear readers to go back to this material as with Hashem’s help I was able to present some less known ideas about geirus.
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