Thursday, July 5, 2018

5th of July part 1

In my series of the essays with the same title “4th of July” I wrote that I will come back to the topic of the influence of Biblical ethics on American political system.
In my essays, I showed one of the possible links between the moral teaching of the Toirah and the model of society based on the social ideas left to humanity by the Jewish Prophets, starting from Moishe Rabayni, aka Moses trough all prophets of Jewish Scriptures as well as Jewish ethics contained in Christian writings.
It is known to virtually all historians that the Ideas and Ideologies of Jewish Ethics influenced members of Abrahamitic religions, what is today more than half of Humanity. It is also recognized that Jewish Ethics disseminated much behind borders of those religions. Without going into details, In my essays I mentioned major political and social thinkers like John Locke and Voltaire. As precursor of Humanism, Voltaire considered himself a warrior against ancient and ‘irreverent Biblical writings’, nevertheless he was under strong influence of religious group of “Polish Brothers” which based their theology and social thought on the teachings of the Bible. Some, especially in modern times, talk about him as the father of atheism even though he declared that the existence of the Creator is self-evident.
In the chain of political thought, the Founding Fathers of our country created a political system which had no precedence in the history of the mankind. The American government is supposed to be elected by the people and serve the public rather than a ruler. Until the American and French revolutions, sometimes the only qualification to rule the country was lineage or in some cases lineage of a group electing their ruler. Monarchs in turn nominated officials to control and tax the population for the benefit of the government which they – the kings - together with nobility owned.
The American Declaration of Independence and American Constitution was calling for the recognition of all human beings as equally created by G-d and as such free individuals are not subject to the government but rather the right owners of the country electing its administrators from among themselves.
In this model, all elected officials and those nominated by the elected officials, officers or judges, were nothing more than honored servants of the American society.
The three branched government in this model of the government was overseen by the free independent media with its main goal to inform and even to educate the general population.
Only informed and educated, with the top abilities of intellectual powers voter, can make a conscience decision in the election process choosing individuals which in his or later her mind will serve the people in the best way on all levels of the governmental structure – from local to presidential elections.
That was the idea and ideal which was for over two centuries followed by all countries adopting democracy as their political system.
Different countries crafted their democracies according to the local culture, mentality or history, but the idea of the government “From the people, by the people and for the people” was and still is attractive to many nations around the world and in many countries. In some places democracy was applied with success while in other countries it was suppressed by dictatorial powers or a manipulation of powers maintaining their domination and privileges rather than applying a democracy in full measure. Some countries were corrupted from within while other places, the democracy or democratic development were suppressed by outside powers protecting their own interest.
In this essay, I will write about a country that is close to my heart, the country that gave me freedom to be who I chose to be, the country that I live in, and till Messianic advent or my death, want to live in –The United States of America.
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness”
This one sentence contains in short, the story of the Beginnings written in the first chapters of the Bible as well as it is quintessence of the moral teachings of Jewish Scriptures when understood correctly.
I’m aware that this disclaimer may make some readers uneasy but please don’t forget that millions of people lost their life killed in the name of G-d while G-d obviously has nothing to do with it. There is a need for correct understanding of the Scriptures. Too many times murderers and dictators are using verses of the Bible and lehavdil other holly scriptures to abuse, to grab, to conquer and to kill.
It is not the subject of this essay to explain the Bible and the events or ethics described there but I rather want to write here about what happened after the 5th of July i.e. how the American Constitution was implemented and where the so called American Experiment holds today. I’m not the first and not the only one but I hope to contribute to this topic from my own peculiar point of view.
I planned to write this essay a few years ago but writing is not the occupation that is the priority of my life at this moment, and my plans were pushed away in time.
Most of what I wanted to write about was rather obscure knowledge of a few who observe and understand political events in historical perspective and in context of political ideas and writings.
In other words – there were only a few people who understood what was supposed to be and what is, our democracy and how it went astray.
To all those who shape their political views on popular shows on TV or Radio, I will tell you this: this is not on your level and if you want to understand more you will have to make a greater effort in order to increase your political savyness. I would suggest to familiarize yourself with at least a few articles from Wikipedia on the basic terms of political language, but ideally a few books on the history of the political systems would be a must.
If you still want to read this essay you will have to agree at the end or challenge me with facts and your knowledge.

“All men are created equal”
For almost two centuries and even till now it is idea which is misunderstood by many of our citizens.
People of dark skin were enslaved in this country for almost a hundred years. For almost another hundred years, black or indigenous men didn’t have voting rights, and was considered an unequal citizen in many measures.
Till now even after we got our first black president, in parts of the country or society, black lives matter less than white. Latinos, Asians and people Native to this land from pre-Columbian times are systematically treated as unequal by many, including the government apparatus.
Native Americans were killed a mass from the very beginning of existence of the American Democracy.
Extermination of Native people is one of the most horrible acts of mass killing in the history of mankind.
All perpetrated in the name of “Manifest Destiny” in the name of domination of white European immigrants and their descendants. In this understanding, American Indians were not a part of the human race, the same as other people of color.
Woman didn’t have voting rights till a few decades ago and as today regardless of their input to the economy women are being paid much less than man even doing the same work.
This and in fact much more, clearly shows that the understanding of word ‘equal’ was challenging to our ancestors and it is misunderstood to many contemporaries.
All human beings are created equal, those living in our land and those in the rest of the world.
Separation of State and Church which I wrote about in my other essays, is a fundamental condition of democracy, where the religion of the members of society or this society clerks or officials should not be taken under any consideration in the election process.
After all it does not matter to what religious confession a police officer, judge, the lady in the ticket window or president of United States belongs to. Their task is to serve the people according to the rules developed from within this society. As I wrote above, it is imperative for the society to be informed and educated and not manipulated by cultural, economic, or political powers. If not restrained by the law those ‘powers’ misinform for their own benefit and to keep their privileges.
A Democracy without moral leaders guiding them, is not beneficial for society whatsoever.
In my religious view, Morality should be based on the Divine Revelation but I understand that this ideal would be rejected by many, on the base of the same Separation of State and Church which I strongly believe in. I understand such rejection.
However, I have enough trust in the men, the educated men or women, men who with intellectual powers alone can detect and understand what serves society in the best way.
I have no doubt, that morality of such men would be parallelly known to us as Sheva Mitzvois Bnai Noah.
This is how it was understood by Rav S. R. Hirsch and as such is a part of revelation. This is also an idea known to many contemporary social tinkers perhaps starting from Kant and not ending with Chomsky.
Without imposing any official religion on society or its officers it is possible to maintain civility and consensus.
Yet, election after election, the issue of the religion of the candidate is brought to discussion.
I have to admit, it was big surprise to me after moving to America, because by European standards of democracy it would be unthinkable to talk about a candidate’s religion.
Religious bias in any direction must be excluded from civil democratic society - in the election process or service of the elected to electorate. The same with service of nominated or hired public servants to the voters i.e. people.
Unfortunately, the issue of religious bias is another aspect of inequality of members of American society.
From one side, some Christian denominations and its members in political environment are trying to impose their agenda on all citizens of this country.
From the other side, malicious anti religionism of some personal enemies of G-d, are destroying the moral fabric of this nation built on Biblical values which protect human life and existence of family as the central nucleus of a healthy society.
There is no contradiction in last two sentences.
If family values and value of human life and dignity would have a different source than religion I would still support them as they are parallel to my religious values. But historically there is no other source. Another words, I consider those values beneficial for society regardless of the source even I hold the Source in the highest esteem.
It is known to me that there will be those who would like to put to the basket of ‘inequality’ some other groups like for example so called “sexual minorities”. I consider persecution or discrimination resulting from sexual orientation unamerican and unconstitutional however as religious Jew I have my Chalachic and Chashkafic guidelines which I don’t compromise. Idea of marriage of the same sexes is absurd the same way as other combinations of willing to marry including siblings and other forms of incest.
I would rather exclude the institution of marriage from jurisdiction of the government than turn the sacred agreement between husband and wife to parody of it. Civil issues between people desiring to hold a common household should be treated as such, without the aspect of sacrum which in today’s obviously misguided society is losing its meaning.
This digression should close the topic for now.
I would like to focus rather on the idea of democracy itself.

The issue of when, where and how we lost it, I would leave to historians as I have limited time and expertise in this area.
What I want to write here is rather the description of the current situation in our country which is nothing but a democracy. The fact that I can talk about it openly without fear of persecution is of course way better than the Soviet domination which I experienced in my youth, but freedom of my words does not make or prove existence of a political system dreamed by Jefferson, Adams and other Founding Fathers.
American and French revolutions took power and in parted ownership of the elites and gave it to the members of society. For a while.
This was not the case of Bolshevik or other communist revolutions where private ownership was annulled, and new communist elites took the control into their hands soon after physically eliminating the old elites.
 The American revolution and its ideas gave people power of self-governing without eliminating the rich or taking their possessions. The idea was rather to give equal political power to all members of society regardless of their wealth. The Founding fathers believed clearly that equal rights will create an economically balanced society. Government must create conditions and organized itself in the way that will maintain Safety and Happiness.
The Dollar is not supposed to be a factor in the political process as it becomes an infringement of equality of the citizens.
In such democracy, without money buying political power, it would be possible to model a just society where the owner of the business has to pay his workers decent wages according to the rules of the free market but with assuring that all members of the society are benefiting from their work and input to the economy. The laws would be designed to keep sacred private ownership but at the same time democratically elected politicians would stand for the working class ensuring this classes well-being.
In Justice society those who are unable for any reason to contribute to the economy would be supported from the taxes of all other productive members of the society according to the taxation system worked out in democratic process.
It is unimaginable that any member of human race, any citizen of our country should suffer poverty or die because of lack of economic input independent of his or her ability.
If anybody understand “Right to Life” otherwise I doubt his or her humanness.

“What is mine is mine what is yours is yours” is characteristic which our sages described people of Sedom.
Idea of Democracy was always dangerous for wealth and privileges of the elites, especially after the American and French revolutions.
We are not taking about wealth that is the result of work, ingenuity or even the gift of wealthy parents, for private possession should be sacred in any civilized society.
Wealth assuring better quality of life for those who acquired or received the wealth in the lawful manner is a fundamental right. It is obvious however, for society based not on Darwinian ‘laws’ but on ideas of justice and compassion, that as the part of the broader society, Wealthy have the obligation to pay their workers or pay the taxes in the amounts agreed in the democratic process.
In practice – The Idea of allowing members of the working body of large corporations in a decision process is the right the direction to follow. Other desirable form of ownership in case of large corporations is of course co-operation.
On the other side exist absolute pathological possession of wealth and power, at the cost of the majority of the citizens.
What if the elites don’t want to participate in the burden of citizenship or simply want to squeeze the population in the most efficient for the elites’ manner? And yet they are restricted by the rules designed by visionaries who wrote the Constitution of this country giving people Rights?
Such elites developed the political system which we are living in today.
The money is being made by different industries which all of them possess their paid lobbyist, making sure that every politician in this country is being paid. If you still living in imaginary world where you have two parties please be aware that it has to do with reality as much as wrestling match.
Pay for the politicians comes in the form of money in the election process, which I’m soon going to explain if someone is missing the point what is wrong with it. There are other forms of bribery like privileges and rewards given to politicians assuring that their payers in return will get what they want – to make more money or get more power.
It happens on every level of the government, perhaps with exceptions of the police officers which it is illegal for most of them to benefit from any other source than their pay. It is presumed that benefits from other sources may corrupt their service.
Interestingly politicians and even judges do not apply those rules to themselves.
For example, even the judges of our Supreme Court are benefiting from the trips founded by groups of special interest as it is (to this moment) illegal for them to be paid by the sides of the potential conflict.
Why funding elections by the groups of special interest, industrial or even groups serving foreign governments is nothing else than cancer on democracy?
The answer should be self-understood but if not, please be aware that politicians and judges founded by such groups are serving those groups and not society which they are supposed to serve in a truly democratic system.

Some say - Well, after all, those politicians are elected by the voters and this itself I evidence that everything is right with our democracy.
Here is the trick.
Technically it may be still true that votes matter as it was shown in the last presidential election where preferred candidate of the powers owning this country lost election to the less preferable.
The problem is, that in the presidential elections there are only preferred and slightly less preferred but still corrupted candidates to choose from. This setup is not limited only to presidential elections.
In communist countries, there were elections as well. You could choose from list of candidates offered to the voters by the communist elites, by the establishment owing those countries… but there was an election. They called it – Socialist Democracy. Of course, it didn’t have anything to do with Socialism or a Democracy.
It was easy for communists to maintain such a “democracy” with the help of the media owned by the communist government. They kept control and no matter what candidate the people chose they were all serving the same lords. In case they needed to use force, they didn’t hesitate either, because police and the army were only defending ‘people’ from the enemies of the people’.
In a society build on the foundation of freedom and democracy it was much more difficult for the elites and other groups of interest to keep the election process under their control.
But they believe money can buy everything.
They bought the media.
Only informed and educated citizen could make a decision that will benefit him and other members of the same social group.
Citizens that are misinformed or simply kept busy with constant entertainment or infotainment cannot think for himself.
The subject of Social Engineering is being thought on the top political universities of the world.
All rulers understand, that from time to time they will need such engineers. Some need them all the time.
Edward Bernays laid the foundation for modern advertising and political manipulation and his school of deception is perfected as new challenges emerge for the ruling class in their control of society.
Till 1996 American law was prohibiting media companies from extensive control over the information.
Clinton’s Telecommunication Act changed the rules.
Since then, almost all media in our country is owned by six major corporations with other umbrella corporations connected to big business or other influential groups of interest.
This is not a conspiracy theory, this is reality.
Technically you can still open your own tv, radio station or write you own newspaper but the media engineers will make sure your voice should be quiet or if it’s getting to loud, ridiculed and marginalized.
Social engineers make sure that your election choices should be limited to the candidates serving the people who pay for their elections. The differences between candidates are reduced to sometimes completely irreverent but emotional topics. Other times, topics of difference between divided society are serious and equally emotional. All of those divisions are maintained in the media in order to pull attention of the voter away from the issues more reverent to himself and members of his social class.
At times, some of those divisions are artificially created to achieve the goal of division.
Roman motto - Divide et Impera, was probably not invented by Romans, but it is one of the best and most common tools of the social engineers working for the ruling class. Divisions could be cultural, racial, religious or any other.
A Divided society is easy to control.
‘Scare technics’ are being used for the long time.
At different times, different groups are being used as the bogyman but it always works.
Irish, Catholic, Muslim, Mexican, redskin or yellow man are always handy, but no one scares more than ever plotting Jew. Jews are always the scariest but used often as a last resort if any other bogyman doesn’t work anymore.
To those who feel assured by the Jewish connections to last few governments please don’t forget 12 years between 1933 and 1945 as well as 600 useful Jews in Hitler’s Y-S government.
To those who will tell that he was elected in democratic elections please read all of above again.

In light of all written above I will explain some details of the deception as it is painful for me to see nation once politically aware way better than any other social, religious or other group on the Earth.
It is painful to see today my fellow Jews being subjects of common manipulation and falling for the scheme of two party system and being unaware of the strings that are being pulled by.
Even those who are somehow aware of the corruption of our politics will rather use it to benefit what they consider our national interest, forgetting that as Rav Hirsch stated – We don’t have any political economy. Our only goal is to serve the Creator and mankind with complete Yashrus – straightness and truth.
‘PR’, even invented by a person of Jewish descent, has nothing to do with the idea of bringing light to the nations that cannot happen through means of deception or violence.
If you are religious Jew and somehow those words don’t resonate, please study carefully the short text that you recite three times a day, but maybe for last few decades didn’t pay attention to the words - read Aleinu Leshabeach…

It doesn’t matter who occupies White House. It is always a person designated by the ruling class to stay there. You may get only someone from the left or the right wing of the ruling or rather ruled party.
It is always - either somebody completely corrupted or stupid enough to be manipulated and if somehow it is not easy to manipulate him or her, it will be settled by other means.
Your vote doesn’t matter in congressional or senat elections because candidates have to pass a filter of donors who will chose to donate to the election of candidate preferred by them ensuring proper service for the payer. It will be again – somebody corrupted or an idiot who could be manipulated according to the needs and preferences of those who pay.
Mind, that I didn’t say a corrupted idiot, for it could be a highly intelligent Machiavellian scum ready to switch the front as it serves him or her.
This filter works on all levels of government. Even if it doesn’t change much for the ruling class, who the  local sheriff in your town is , but the culture of this open corruption allows to set in the positions of power and decision making people who are not most qualified. For those preselected officials’ wellbeing of the constituency is not what drives them to take this suppose service.
I will not refer here to what is discussed as ‘deep government’, ‘new order’, ‘illuminati’, Rothschilds or any other identity supposedly pulling the strings as I rather see it as the part of the deception with one purpose, to confuse the population and defuse the pressure from the real powers behind the theater of politics and culture.
I don’t see it as one central power pulling invisible strings to assure their domination and secrecy.
To this day I see it rather as different circuits of power who sometimes configure in some common goal but in other times they may compete for more power or influence.
The problem is, it has nothing to do with democracy, the Declaration of Independence and the political system designed for this country. It is not founded on the Biblical ideal of a free individual and his freedom being assured by elected clerks and officials.
In the time when due to the lack of prophecy, the theocratical government is impossible, it is self-evident that the political system designed by the founding fathers were influenced by the ideas of justice derived from our Scriptures is the only system assuring the well being of our people as well as all other people’s living in the same country. And if the well being of other people is on our mind, we can be assured about Heavenly protection of all people of this and other lands.
The moment when one group in an uncontrolled manner takes more power to their hands in order to subordinate, control and exploit other people is where democracy ends. Be it people living in our country or other lands.
A Government that controls the life of its own citizens or citizens of other countries without applying rules designed to form a free society is just another form of a regime with a goal to give the most for the few and little for the most, it is precisely the idea invented by the Nimrod in ancient times.