Thursday, September 27, 2018

5th of July part 2

This essay will be a continuation of my series of essays under the common title of 5th of July.
In this new essay I will stay in the same political mood, this essay will be a really sad one, for such is the political and social situation of our country in general and our religious group in subject of politics in particular.
I hope to write for the people who don’t despise democracy because it sounds as the name of the Democratic Party, or politically opposite group being fooled by the same name believing that the Democratic party represents democratic values.
Both of those assumptions are wrong.
Siding with the Republican party doesn’t make you anti democracy, because a republic or democracy, or rather representative democracy are essentially the same political system.
I’m sorry to explain those basic facts and please don’t feel like someone stupid, but unfortunately there are people among us, who are completely ignorant on those topics and as such they are extremely vulnerable to manipulation.
As I said in my previous essay, it pains me that it is happening to the nation who lived through all possible political systems through history and by this fact alone, we Jews should understand better.
And yet, even among us there are masses of people who are lacking basic education on the reality which may affect their lives like no other factors but they are completely ignorant and ignoramus in politics.
And yet…as every Jew, they have an opinion or… few of them.
This is not postulate to include political science in to our Chedurim and Yeshivos for Gemara and Meforshim give enough education on these topics, rather it is postulate to the Jewish media to stop selling B./ taken straight from outside manipulative propaganda machine and deliver it to unsuspecting Jewish mases, as well as many times, to my horror, shaping political views of our leaders.
I understand that for the good of our community we may support right or left wing of the ruling corporate party. But please stop pretending that this is what a democracy is about, or a republic looks like.
I will try to give a few examples showing that no conscience Jew can fully associate him/her selves with any of the two wings of the current government i.e. Democratic or Republican party.
Let’s start with the very emotional topic of abortion.
As many of us, I also wonder how the subject of killing babies could be a matter of political discourse in any country and without doubt I support saving those lives by means of appropriate legislature.
But at the same time, I consider lives of Iraqi, Afghan or Libyan babies equally sacred, created by the same Giver of life as American babies. Those foreign babies have mothers, fathers, uncles, brothers, sisters, aunts, grandparents and all others from the same street and neighborhood, who are killed with the support of the politicians playing on your sentiments but pretending to be life protectors.
A Party that advertise itself as pro-life, supports wars serving their patrons mostly economic and only sometimes political gains.
I will not support such a party.
I will not support a party that made many of my fellow Jews believe that the second amendment to American Constitution is Toira de Oraisa.
People kill, that’s’ right. But they kill more effectively with weapons or even better with semiautomatic weapon.
How any G-d fearing person, not to say Jew, could support such a law as a second amendment in its present understanding? Not going in to the details, that the second amendment does not say about the possession of the any kind of weapon or possession of weapon itself. Read it, then we can discuss the topic.
How any Christian person who read the Gospel at least once in his/her life could be supportive of any walls on any borders? How lehavdil a Jew who learns from Pirkey Uvois (Avot) that midda of “what is mine is mine what is yours is yours” is Midda of Sedom can talk about so called security of borders?
How anyone with brain in the scull can be a racist???
I know. They scare you with terrorists, gangs, rapist and such.
They always do it. Then they could pull you on a string like a puppy looking for the protection of his owner. You are not the owner in this case.
Don’t get under the impression that this is some leftist/liberal propaganda what I write. I’m neither on the so called Right or so called Left on the illusion of a political spectrum.
As I said before and probably will say it again – don’t get fooled by the wrestling match which they performing to give you an impression that you have a choice. If they really would like to give you a choice they would allow all political candidates to talk to the public and not only a few selected by them to appear in the corporate media.
For example – A 5% limit doesn’t allow presidential candidates with less than 5% support to debate in presidential debates. What is 5% is designated by private media companies owned by the same people who deliver those debates to you and ultimately deliver to you candidates to choose from.
If you don’t understand – this is not a democracy nor a republic.
I don’t support the Democratic Party for they are just a fig leaf on the erva of the political system which is pretending it represents the same values and mechanisms as the founding fathers of this country designed.
They are talking about protecting the working class of this nation which are the real builders of prosperity of this country and yet ‘democrats’ the same as ‘republicans’ support any legislature that helps to suck more blood from the veins of the population. Their talk about middle class or working class is nothing but anesthesia which like all parasites infuse in your body that you don’t feel the sting which you blood is being sucked through.
In the last presidential election, “Democrats” tried to install in the White House someone whose essence was about selling herself to the highest bidder, but to win votes of the masses she was talking sleazy talk about the suppressed and how she is the only one to help fight income inequality and other problems affecting our economy and our nation.
She was talking about peace and yet send weapons to rebel groups in Syria and helping Saudis siege of Yemen. She bombed Libya just to show her strong hand in bid for presidential position.
Because of lies on such a level now we have to deal with an impulsive, illiterate, immoral tenant of the White house who accidently won the election against the desires of the true owners of this country. So far, he has just enough brains to do his best to appease them to keep to his toy position.
I met many people, especially in the West, people who are all about “family values”, they told me – yes, I voted for him… but with fingers on my nose.
I can understand this kind of attitude. I understand anger with the political establishment which anyhow is only a fa├žade for the real rulers of this nation, class of owners who need a political apparatus to keep the masses calm.
What I don’t understand, is the almost unconditional and many times enthusiastic support for this lowlife in the White House, narcissist with mentality of a badly spoiled 5 years old and not much more intellect.
There is no Mikva which can be used to meatachor tuma of supporting current president in such enthusiastic manner or even supporting him at all.
You still have another choice – stop giving them legitimacy pretending that we have free elections. We don’t. We have socially engineered elections. This last presidential elections, social engineering worked only partially and a person who was not the prime choice of the ruling class got elected. Most probably this was also the case in the previous presidential elections, but the last president also learned quickly how to serve his masters.
For example – Democrats did have the absolute majority to provide this nation with the healthcare system assuring that no American will go bankrupt or die because of lack of money. They didn’t. The so-called Obamacare was another gift to insurance corporations and the pharmaceutical industry.
Bush left the country with two wars, Obama with his secretary of State added another five.
Bush legalized torture, Obama decided to use extrajudicial executions including killing American citizens without due process.
Bush did not allow off shore drilling, Obama did.
Bush designed a so-called Road Map for peace in the Middle East, Obama gave Israeli government 10 billion $ for weapons and under his watch almost half million settlers moved in to what was supposed to be the Palestinian State.
I know that the way how I put the last issue may anger some of my readers but I’m not a supporter of the so called Two State Solution and this is not a topic of this essay anyhow.
The fact is that by all means, the Democratic party proved their faithful service to their sponsors and never represented those who voted for them.

What is the solution for the quagmire which we find ourselves in it?
I don’t know at the moment.
But please let me tell you from my own experience. As a 10 years old boy I was growing up in a communist country where the ruling party wanted people to believe that they acting as protectors of the working class; at the same time communists were sending the police forces to pacificate striking factories and beating people demanding basic human rights.
Communist propaganda wanted me to accept an artificial reality in mine and other communist countries. When I learned the truth about power abuse in 1976, this was first year of my personal emancipation which ultimately lead me to find freedom in Toira and Mitzvois. The way was long, but my dream about all people being free and being free to serve their Creator is still in my mind and on my heart.
First step on the path to freedom is awareness that you are slave, you are owned primarily by you own desires but again… this is not the topic of this essay. You are owned by the other creatures pretending to be human beings but essentially being human-form expressions of the power of the Other Side.
In deep sense, they are the Other Side.
I know…it needs explanation. But I touched some deeper level of awareness I don’t feel strong enough to write the depths of this topic.
Let’s stay here, where I ask to first be aware that you are manipulated, owned and soothed in this matrix of Oilom Hasheker on so many levels. Please awake your awareness at least on the level of politics and personal freedom as native of the country which as the first of all countries, offered idea of freedom to all of its citizens as an ideal.

It is hard to imagine that the ruling class will allow the vote that will undermine their own interest.
People giving face (politicians, media and more) to the ruling class are being paid and the powers paying them will do everything including bloodshed to protect their superior interests. They don’t respect any human being, foreign or domestic. They will fool and send your sons and daughters to die, and kill if they can show off with larger numbers on their accounts in their country club or on the golf course.
They will tax you, lying to your eyes that it is good for you and you will believe them. You think you are smarter that this? They are doing it already for a long time. I know …it sucks to admit that you got fooled…it sucks more to be fooled even further.
What is called today “American Government” will not change the laws allowing to pay for elections or to reward politicians and other officials by different forms of bribery like trips and other free stuff, handouts – If you like.
Members of all three branches of government are benefitting from all forms of bribery.
The best what they did so far, they disclose some of this bribery but that’s only another attempt to pretend that this is how democracy works and what they do is democracy.
It is not.
In representative democracy, we elect administrators of our town, county or country and we pay them accordingly and fire when they are not fulfilling tasks which we the people put them in position to do.
We the people overlooked when we gave ownership of this country to a handful of its today’s owners and their puppet politicians against our interest, and they will not give it back willfully.
The closest in recent years to get out of this quagmire was possibility of electing president who run on the platform of getting money out of politics. With popular leader, I believe it would be possible.
Neither Ron Paul or Bernie Sanders were strong enough to break through their own parties controlling establishment. But they got a chance to shake the political system with postulate of eliminating legal corruption.
I’m not sure if they would be able to change to much but at least there would be an opportunity to catalyze the nation in the direction toward Democracy.

Our Country needs a revolution.
Revolution like the first one which brought this nation into existence.
My personal stand is, that no human blood should be spilled in the process. After all I’m pacifist.
Rav Hirsch wrote about the Napoleonic campaign in his essay on the 50th anniversary of the Battle of the Nations, that even events that are not aligned with Biblical ethics, like war itself, can lead toward the advancement of society in the area of ethics and social ethics. Bonaparte was a bloody dictator but by putting on his banners, slogans of the French revolution he spread the idea of equality and personal freedom among the nations of Europe.
Then came the Spring of the Nations, and then Positivism in literature, and after came the regress of 2 wars and act of murder comparable only to the first act of violence in the history which was killing Abel by his brother Cain.
Why do I see the Holocaust as such? I Can’t answer this in this essay, it is long enough.
After WWII, the United Nations was created and Europe experienced a few decades of Peace first time in its History.
At the beginning of this positive advance of civilization was the French and American revolutions. Those revolutions are still in progress and there will be setbacks, no doubt about it; but much less human blood is being spilled than it used to be in the past and that’s good enough.
America has its own sins to consider.
After revolution came the extermination of the native people of this land. Then kidnaping and enslavement of African people. Those are the two big sins of this nation but the list is much longer.
Nevertheless, some steps were made to recognize and repair the depravities against the Native Americans.
Some steps were made to repair the crime against black people of our country. Still much must be done.
This itself shows that there is progress in social thought, even some back steps are happening at the same time. Allowance of murder of an unborn human being is not a positive development. Undermining the existence of a basic cell of our society, which is family, by propagating what I call Hollywood antifamily values and homosexuality as normal human behavior, are deeply regressive.
And one more powerful statement from now from Jewish American thinker Avram Noam Chomsky - “If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president would have been hanged
That’s almost devastating but thanks G-d, there is more awareness regardless of all attempts to confuse and divide the American people.
Political and social streams go in cycles.
One such cycle was 60/70ties, but social and political awakening was calmed and even pacified in the following decades by giving people even more s… on TV to choose from and six pack available.
Political and moral awareness awaked again in some degree when the powers ruling this country decided to destroy Iraq and destabilize the Middle East.
Many of us knew what is being sold to the American population in order to gain support or to calm them.
For some it was the well lubricated propaganda machine for others, the ability to buy stuff for credit as the banks were giving money without checking to whom.
I don’t believe it was only the banks greed to do so, there was also a push from the government which is not only banks who owns it, there are many other groups of interest who wanted to calm Americans.
Revolution cannot happen without awareness and awareness cannot develop without information.
The Previous decade was the last one where TV and press machine was able to keep everything under control while giving you a mirage of political discourse.
There was no political discourse out of limits which would endanger control of means in hands of the owners of this country.
Internet broke the status quo.
Internet brought back the freedom of information which was granted to Americans as a part of Democracy.
Unfortunately, the same people who kept control using media for the past decades, they are working day and night to use the internet in the same manner.
They may succeed as partially they already did. Don’t forget, Gates and Zuckerberg are now part of the Club, co-owners of the country with tools in their hands to protect their class interest and allow their class to skim you further.
I hope that those few years when they were behind in developing new mechanisms of manipulation and control, this gap will be enough for the rest of us Americans to wake up and revolt.
I do not call, G-d forbid, for any blood or other harm to any human beings.
I hope that we are closer to the time that rabbi Nachman of Breslow called the era when people will be ashamed of killing others in wars, like it is shameful to bow in the front of the idol of clay, wood or gold. I don’t think we are there yet but according to the Nuvim – Jewish Prophets, this is ultimate goal of Humanity – recognition of the Creator and man as His Creation.
The revolution which I call for can happen by using existing political mechanisms of our country.
We can find candidates who will deny and denounce money in politics and vote only for them.
It can happen even within the framework of the two-party system. Bernie Sanders case showed that it is possible to bring a candidate from out of the two-party system if necessary.
I personally don’t care much which party would be used to bring such politicians in order to destroy the current system. Once we will get to Democracy, we will sort what is right and as I mentioned, I believe that an informed society, led by intellectual leaders can make right decisions at voting boots.
The other way to rebel is to stop voting at all. Bring attendance to elections to single digits taking all legitimacy from the ruling class and bring the system to a crush.
What would such a crush would bring? I don’t know, but at least I hope, no life would be lost in the process.
Of course, only one of the options can be chosen and propagated in order for a revolution to win - choosing candidates which election would depend on donations from the citizens and not corporations or complete boycott of the elections.
What about us, Jews faithful to Hashem and His Toira?
We were never completely out of political realm of the countries which HBH send us to in our dispersion but neither willingly into the center of politics.
We are obligated by the prophets and sages to pray for the welfare of the place where we live. Rav Hirsch explicitly advises that we should participate in the political process in the direction bringing G-dly values in to society. Democracy is the system which he sees as a means to achieve this goal and in that sense, the ultimate Goal of the History itself.
There are and will be differences among the Jews regarding these topics as it will be among our other fellow Americans. But once more, nothing can progress without first raising awareness. For us the first step is to cease to deliver official propaganda under Jewish roofs.
That’s point of start and then we will see how again we can serve as yeast for the nations or maybe even light.