Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Book Ad

BeEzras Hashem we were able to launch new ad campaign advertising my book.
Coming week i hope to post something on first anniversary of my blog but meanwhile I want to express my appreciation to few people whom without this new campaign wouldn’t be possible.

First of them is Mr. Abraham Bumi Friedman.
Bumi, more than all, I will always appreciate my conversations with you. Especially the one which we have had last Chol Hamoed in your succa. As I told you last time when we met, more than anything I treasure advice of the wise man.
Thank you.

Yerachmiel Robert Kaplan. Surly you experienced already in your life what is the practical meaning of hashgucha prutis – the Divine providence, now we can experience it together.
Thank you for the ideas and work of the greater value than what we were able to give back.
Thank you.

The same thanks to my new friends: Yehoshua Parker, Jared Hurwitz and Matt Needleman. I hope that you extra effort in this project will result in special blessings in your work and your private life.
And last but not least Michoel Nagel. You don’t realize probably but you also have some share in the whole endeavor.
Thanks to you all.

To all my readers, now you can see who is writing for you for the whole past year.
Hatzlucha and Brucha.
Matys Weiser

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