Sunday, January 9, 2011

Opening Post

Book, website and now blog?
What is this buzz about? Did I fall entirely in to this mode of self-promotion and perhaps even worse, am I’m selling myself in to the public?
Well, writing an autobiography was already a very strange experience that somehow was against everything I believe a man and servant of HaShem should be.
Raising a family, concentrating on the constant perfection of my soul and devoting my body to the fulfillment of the Mitzvos HaShem – the law of G-d.
But He didn’t put us on an empty planet where our task is simple like the life of a “Little Prince”. Neither self perfection, nor building a family is the end and the limit of what we can do or we should do in His service.
When I first decided to write the story of my life given to me by the Almighty and then twelve years later decided to publish it, it was always with the conviction that there are 6 billions of individuals that I have my unique message to tell to. I always had the people on my mined, the people that would take what I want to share with them and enjoy it, that they’d take something from my message for themselves.
But the very first condition for such an assumption is that there has to be something that I have to offer, to share with those people. And is there?
It can only be counted by the number of books sold or by the clicks clicked on the website, and still, this is only a partial answer to the question above.
However, the initial step to determine this is to write the book and publish the website or blog.
So I do exactly that, B-H!
I will try to write a page weekly, in order not to make my reader tiered of my ideas and convictions.
Some of you will be controversial, some or most of you will disagree with it and some may even be seditious after a first glance. But I promise that my words will make you think hard, no matter what group you are from. Not that you’re not a thinking person right now, but it will make you think in a way that no one else will provoke you to reflect ever.
Provoking is not the goal of this blog. I will repeat after RAMCHAL as it is said in Mesilas Yeshurim, that I will write things that most of you already know but need to see as written words. It will be nothing new under the sun as, Shloimie HaMelech wrote 3,000 years ago.
We are constantly whirling the same words, the same ideas, and the same convictions all over again.
But sometimes for some of us they are as striking as the lightning form a blue sky.
And this is exactly what I hope to deliver on the sites of this blog.
I can’t promise that the lightning will happen every time you open this blog, but there is a big chance that it will be happening from time to time.
It is important to me to list my convictions and beliefs right here so that when you will sometimes see something that you hold holly seam as if I am trying to degrade it, you can always look back to the post titled “List of my Convictions”. Even when you will be under the impression that I somehow derailed from whatever I said previously, you can always check below and see my divagations trough the prism of my principals.
Some of my views will definitely change from time to time because as long as I’m alive I’m searching how to serve my Creator in a better way and how to understand his perfection in a more perfect way.
Well, it looks like I came to my promised weekly limit of how much I allow myself to write and you will find the list of principals in my next weeks post I-H.

Matys Weiser

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