Sunday, January 16, 2011

List of my Convictions

As was promised, you can find the short list of my principals and beliefs below.
With some of them you may agree and with others you will not.
As a Jew I reserve myself the right to a list, a catalog of my principals as I understand it within the borders of Halacha written in the Shulchan Aruch.
My convictions are based on the Hashkafa we received from the previous generations, from the sages. It is established by the continuity of ideals and ideas rooted and proved by the writings of those sages, yet within the borders of different Shitos contained in 3,500 years of Jewish history.
There is One G-d, and the only question about existence can be asked regarding our existence.
We were created and placed into this reality where our creation can be justified or rejected.
The nature, the substance, the true matter of our creation and what we call reality is unknown.
The justification of our creation can be achieved only by fulfilling the will of our Creator. The will of our Creator is revealed in what we call nature and the revelation given for the Children of Israel on Mount Sinai. Most of humanity can learn the will of the Creator from Nature that was created according to the Plan – which is the Torah.
The Children of Israel are people chosen for a special mission, a mission of perfecting the world from its stage of destruction and bringing the whole of humanity to the service of the Creator by a non missionary menace but by setting a positive example.
The source of recognition of G-d and the only source to learn the will of G-d is the Plan of creation – the Torah reviled on Mount Sinai, the holy writings as well as the oral tradition that was transmitted through all generations of Holy Teachers, from Moishe Rabaini until today.
There are 7 requirements from the Creator toward humanity. Any non Jewish person fulfilling the 7 Mitzvos Bnai Noach is guarantied to pass to the next stage of existence with a reward for fulfilling those commandments. However there is a punishment for the people rejecting this service of the Creator.
A Jew is equipped and designated for different kind of tasks. In order for a Jew to pass to the next stage of existence, he is obligated with the mission of fulfilling the 613 Mitzvois of the Torah.
In today’s day, the number 613 is rather symbolic and limited due to the fact that the Jewish people are living in the period of the Golus – Diaspora, and Bays Hamikdash -Jerusalem’s Temple is in ruins.
However every other commandment that does not depend on our presence in the Holy Land must be fulfilled, including all restrictions from the holy sages.
Man was created as a male and female with the possibility and the urge to multiply. It clearly indicates that this form of union should be sanctified and supported by both Jew and Gentile alike. It should be protected and encouraged.  Family itself is a demeanor of service for the Creator. The happiness, the peace, and the active and passive love that it gives; the feeling of belonging but also the challenges that give us the opportunity to fulfill the will of the Creator by shaping our inner selves into the ideal of a man, and in the case of a Jew – a Mentch Yisroel (RSRH)
We were not created in the emptiness; we are part of the nature and a part of the society. The nature was given to us as an environment to fulfill our tasks and obligations.
According to our sages we should be the caretakers of nature for our common good, rather than exploit it behind the border of recognition. We should not turn nature into a modern kind of cult as some do; but we should respect and protect our natural environment according to the teachings of Chazal.
We live among other creatures like ourselves. Most of the tasks in obeying the commandments of G-d, both for the Jewish and not Jewish part of humanity require changing and engaging our selfish inner being into love toward a fellow creature (bria). It may be exercised by active participation in the society of our congregation, neighborhood, city and country where we dwell in.
There is a G-d in Heaven, and that He is the only Creator and Sustainer of everything. It is He who gives life to every human. He controls life and He takes it away when He wishes to. There is absolutely no reason, which would justify any human taking the life of his fellow man; either by killing him or ruining his health. There is no army or war that can justify doing an action that belongs only to the Creator.
Matys Weiser


Dovid Kornreich said...

>>"There is absolutely no reason, which would justify any human taking the life of his fellow man; either by killing him or ruining his health. There is no army or war that can justify doing an action that belongs only to the Creator."<<

Unless of course, it is the will of the Creator than man do so under specific circumstances...

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. Hashem may use other man to do His will.
HBH designated certain nations to extinct and His chosen ones were in charge to exterminate seven nations of Canaan.
Any anointed Jewish king can call Jews to war.
It is commandant to defend yourself even if the killing of other person is involved (Lo Ulayni). Everything as per Halacha.
However it is not will of Hashem that man should kill at will or at will of overambitious politicians or aggressive generals.