Thursday, May 28, 2020

Line, Crescent, Cross and Swastika

I don’t remember in which book of Hoimar Von Ditfurth I saw first time the picture of virus under microscope. I was either 10 or 15. Instantly I knew – that think did not assemble itself, the complexity of what I saw required Assembler. There is no other way about it.
It still took some time and study to establish my personal relationship with Assembler. It took years until I found the path designated to approach Him and ultimately to accomplish complete Unity in Him.
But then, first time in my life I saw a pattern, something undeniably to complex to exist without supervision. A mark for those with open eyes and honesty, to challenge own ego in admission of this Higher Power.
Once the personal relationship was established, I was no in need to see those marks as I experienced them in my personal life. Yet, time and time again He gave me enjoyment of finding such revelations.
In addition to that, once I began to learn the commentaries and Sefurim written by Rav Shimshon Refuel Hirsch I quickly developed a great love to every mark of his pen.
He exposed me to the essential idea that the Creator of the universe reveals himself in three methods. Besides the Torah and nature, He reveals Himself in human History as well. Any keen, intelligent, and sensitive mind can see His guiding actions in the development of mankind.
The earliest days and years of our history are known to us only through the revelation of Torah and our oral tradition recorded in the Medrish. As such, historic component of the Midrashic literature should be treated as a part of the revelation given to the Jewish people and not as the third component of general revelation accessible to rest of the humanity. It must be stated though, that parts of the Sinai revelation were addressed to all children of Noah, all humans. Scientific research on nature and history is accessible to all humanity, if they seek the Truth.
In certain parts of humanity’s development, the Creator of Man can be easily, so to say, detected by anyone possessing any Knowledge of history, culture, and religion. There are certain patterns which only stubborn individuals can deny as something random and “natural”.

My aim in composing this essay is to discuss these phenomena. 

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