Monday, February 10, 2014

Three years of blogging


Three years just passed, last week, since I began to blog. Almost eight months since my last post. I just realized some empty banners on the side of my blog, hanging there like those abandoned signs on the side of the road at ghost towns in the west.
I haven't stopped writing, and there is still some material written in the past which I never had a chance to publish.
Beyond that, when I opened my blog statistics after a few months of failing to do so, I discovered that not only are my old post still being read, but some days there are more people opening my blog than in the days when I was more active. And that’s besides all the “visitors” from the People's Republic of China and the Russian Commonwealth, who are looking for opportunities to spam. Americans, Canadians, Europeans and citizens of some other far away countries are opening and reading my essays!
Why, then, does my blog seem to be neglected if not completely dead?
Usually I don’t write on public forum about my private issues and I will not do it now either. But I have to admit that my life is on a huge curve and right now, that curve is caving downward into a tunnel from which there seems to be no light visible anywhere.
That’s a huge confession for somebody who twice changed his religion, witnessed the collapse of a political and military system, and moved to another continent.
Yes, this curve, or rather this rollercoaster plunge, is an even deeper descent than all the life-altering rides I have taken and listed above. I will ask for forgiveness for not revealing more details regarding the nature of this revolutionary change in my life, as there is enough pain without it.
One of the side effects of this recent journey is that I stopped selling and promoting my book, of which this blog, in its conception, was just a small part of the bigger project. The remainder of copies of the book in my possession will be destroyed and I don’t see any possibility to explain this step in the near future.
B'ezras Hashem Yisburach, I will continue to post on this blog, however. Besides seeing interest from the public, I also got a lot of encouragement from my friends and relatives.
As I said before, I still have the material I wrote in the past, along with a ready-to-publish essay about Biblical influences on the American political system. This last essay is rather long and I will try to divide it into smaller portions and post it in that way. The last installment should appear sometime before the 4th of July.
Meanwhile, I will post some older material and with Hashem’s help will write some essays on the go, as going is what I do mostly these days.
In the past year there were many events that I wanted to share my view on, with my readers. Some of the topics were already touched upon by me in the past, such as the continuous attack on the Hareidi community in the Holy Land and now in America; the Egyptian Revolution and the so-called Arab Spring; the passing away of one of the people whom I admired – Mr. Nelson Mandela, and many more issues on which I wanted to voice my opinion.
Now, since I know that people are still reading this blog, I can say with assurance that yes, there are people out there who are interested in my opinions and sentiments. So… look out for my imminent posts for the beginning of the fourth year!

Matys Weiser

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