Thursday, September 22, 2011

Higgs boson 3

In last essay we concluded with expressions of doubt about the existence of the Higgs boson, but observation in the standard model of physics says that there must be a power or component of the atom giving mass to other subatomic particles.
Whatever this power or component is, I really don’t understand how it could possibly prove or disprove the existence of the Creator. It can tell us some more about how nothing became something or rather how nothing IS something, but not more than that. We Jews and following us adherents of Abrahamic religions, already know that the world was created from nothing. Our deepest teachings tell us more. They tells us that the universe is formed from nothing, it is nothing as we speak, and it always will be nothing.
The science of physics gives us some description of it.
The first level of nothing is the atom itself. It is empty inside. The electrons orbiting the nucleus are at such a distance from the nucleus that most of the atom is space — nothing — yet it appears to be something.
On the lower level, the level of the subatomic particles, the sub-particles are built out of pure energy which somehow gains mass. It may be nice to know how it happens, but this knowledge is otherwise insignificant. The fact is that immaterial — i.e. nothing — is becoming material — something.
Newly developed theories, called string theory or membrane theory, may teach us about deeper and deeper levels of nothingness that we and everything around us is built from – what we see as reality.
Here again we can use quantum mechanics theory. According to the most accepted interpretation of this theory, the atom exists only when we are conscious of it, when we try to measure it. What we call “something,” what we call “matter,” what we call “reality” exists only in our consciousness. In our mind.
But wait! Isn’t the brain built out of these very same atoms that are the product of random evolution of energy? Energy that formed atoms, which randomly joined together to form amino acids, and those amino acids joined together to form living cells, and then the cell randomly joined together to form organs, and then organs joined randomly together to sustain the brain — a random product of a long evolutionary chain of nothingness becoming an apparatus of self-awareness that is necessary for the existence of matter itself.
Oh man, anyone believing this must be a man of faith. No! Of unlimited faith.
Somehow, however, many of the people searching to understand the mechanisms of Creation declare themselves to be atheists. Like for example David Deutsh, British physicist born in Tel Aviv. He is himself an adherent of Everett’s multiverse theory, which is another one of the interpretations of quantum mechanics theory. Asked how matter can exist only as a result of activity of our minds, he simply called it a paradox.
Many times in my life I’ve told people that I don’t believe that atheism exists. Their nonexistence doesn’t have anything to do with our existence in general, as it is described above. I simply don’t think that they are nonbelievers. Thy use all kind of equilibristic logic figures to push the Creator away from their consciousness and conscience. I will not explain now why I think it happened to them, but the fact is that if a person doesn’t see order and design in this universe, he is still a believer. He has chosen to believe that G-d doesn’t exist. Well … he has free choice, guaranteed by G-d.
I chose to recognize that He gave me my existence and placed me and other like me in a three-dimensional reality where I can exercise my bechirah — free choice — a characteristic that in His infinite love, the Holy One blessed is His Name decided to share with me and other creatures like me. Middah – the attribute of freedom can be gained only here in the possibly lowest level of spiritual existence called “the universe.”
To construct an exercise field for our free choice, the Giver of existence withdrew, according to the words of Chazal (Sages), and constructed the universe from nothing.
I will emphasize it one more time: If the emptiness of the atom is not “nothing” enough, then mass-less particles of energy that form the atom are more “nothing” in its nothingness. But according to the words of Chazal, even the energy that serves as the building blocks of matter comes as an end product of many levels of withdrawing on the part of the Divine far away, to give a “space” for us and the universe but to be close enough to be involved in matters that are the crown of His creation — human beings — bnei adom.
In our universe, the Creator gave us seven categories of bechirah (choice), which by consciously choosing according to His will we recognize Him as our Maker and we can free ourselves from the bond of the materialistic, and ultimately matter itself.
To achieve this high goal, HaKadosh Baruch Hu chose spiritual leaders of humanity, who, by their humble example, model for the rest of mankind total devotion and submission to the will of the Creator. For this, the Jewish family was equipped with the Torah and 613 commandments, as well as with spiritual attributes and talents. These attributes and talents are supposed to serve for one and only one reason — serving as mankind’s priests — i.e. spiritual leaders — to bring the light of recognition of the Creator back to humanity. The details of this work and its applications and implications are described in the vast ocean of the writings of our Sages of blessed memory.

Look back for conclusion of my essays on Higgs boson on coming Sunday, before Scientist from CERN will tell us that "standard model" felled apart :).

Matys Weiser

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